In 2019 we reverted to our stunning southern loop, with a few new tweaks. The main event departed from a brand new start point at the Mingara Recreation Club and then tackled the Old Pacific Highway, winding down the coast to the uber twisty Galston Gorge.

We popped up out of the gorge, set sights for the historic hill climb of Springwood and then meandered through the Blue Mountains before stopping for a track walk at Catalina Park, a now deserted race track of yesteryear.

The final part of the day will saw us through travel through some breathtaking country, as we diverted through the Darling Causeway to Bell and Lithgow, before rolling on to Rylstone for the warmth of the many open fireplaces of the Globe Hotel.

Stay tuned for updates on our route for 2020.


Join us in 2020 for the 10th anniversary
of Australia’s favourite pretend rally, the Rylstone Classic.


See how close you came to getting all 27 correct!

  1. Where is the rainforest? Sydney

  2. How big is the quick access? Massive (1800-Massive)

  3. Lawrence Lawrence? Mooney Mooney

  4. Bite Me? Bite Me Bakehouse

  5. Wandering Fowl? Roaming Chooks BBQ Chickens

  6. On which road is the “Kehlsteinhaus”? Middle Dural  Rd (The Eagles Nest)

  7. A Bridge between two people? Friendship Bridge

  8. Where do Donald and Clare live? Clarendon

  9. What is the pirate’s favourite day? Yarramundi

  10. How much is bitumen? $20 per sqm

  11. Trig point at Yellomundee Regional Park? Survey

  12. Which reptile goes to school? Lizards Preschool and Daycare)

  13. Wooden Passageway? Corridor of Oaks

  14. Where is 526m above sea level? Lindon

  15. What happened to Wentworth? He fell (Wentworth Falls)

  16. What is BMD? Blue Mountains Drive

  17. Where might a bloke kiss me on the cheek? Peckmans Plateau

  18. What is the name of the park at Catalina? Frank Walford

  19. Perry doesn’t have to lookout he has to …..? Look down (Perry’s Lookdown)

  20. What is at the spider’s shop? Collectables (Cobwebs Collectables)

  21. What year was Bert and Vicky’s hotel opened? 1914 (Victoria & Albert Hotel, Mount Victoria)

  22. Where is Misty Springs? Clarence (it’s a property name on the left)

  23. Who can move your member? W. Dick and Co Removal (Lithgow)

  24. Fortified Terra Firma? Portland

  25. What should you do in Capertee? Do the right thing

  26. What shape is the swamp? Round Swamp

  27. What do streams do? n (Running Stream)


Please arrive at departure points no later that 30 mins prior to advertised departure times. Please also ensure you are fueled for the day.